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A One-Woman Show: Sarah Huckabee in The White House Press Briefing

Perhaps the most simultaneously intriguing and horrifying cultural phenomenon this year was not a movie, television show, or play but rather the theatrical absurdity of our political system. Indeed, the unprecedented political landscape of President Trump’s administration has created scenarios more outlandish than the most far-fetched episode of Veep, more tense than any episode of… Keep Reading

A Fiscal Approach to the Wall

On March 13th of this year, President Trump travelled to California to view eight potential samples for the ‘border wall’ which he promised his supporters during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. The controversial building of the wall had become a talking point, with claims that Mexico would pay for it, which Mexican President Pena Nieto continues… Keep Reading

Foreign Policy/Miscellaneous

Catalonian Crisis: A Look Into Spanish Affairs

Catalonia’s struggle for independence has been heard of all around the world. Catalonia is one of many autonomous communities in Spain, which can be, somewhat, paralleled to the states in the United States. Out of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities, Catalonia is the most powerful and self sufficient. Spain was ruled by a dictatorship until the… Keep Reading

Stormy Times at the Trump White House

Arguably the leader of the free world and certainly the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump now faces an alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. In a recent 60 Minutes segment, Stormy recounts in excruciating and humiliating detail her version of their affair. She describes spanking him with a rolled up… Keep Reading

A Salute to Service

In week 10 of the 2012 NFL season, a young and inexperienced quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, checked into the game to replace the recently concussed Alex Smith. Kaepernick churned out a mediocre game and led the 49ers into a tie, an occurrence that the league had not seen in the previous 4 seasons. It would be… Keep Reading

The Problem with Housing

Houston Justice of the Peace Lincoln Goodwin sums up eviction as “If you did not pay, you cannot stay.” For minority communities, specifically the African American and Latinx communities in America, the issue of wealth disparity and systematic racism has incredible impacts on the housing, or lack thereof, that is available. In “the more than… Keep Reading

Black Panther: Political Shaming to Incite Change

Marvel superhero movies have always included incredible action, but Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther, coupled that action with incredible thematic presence to blow the entire world away, myself included. In Black Panther, King T’Challa rules the technologically advanced, isolated nation of Wakanda. During its initial development, Wakandan tribes discovered a metal with nearly infinite… Keep Reading

GMOs: Greatness Made Obtainable

The era of modern technology has brought a promising addition to the food production and nutrition industry: GMOs.  GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are plants or animals in which we as humans have altered the sequence of its DNA to produce desired results.  For instance, some plants are modified to be resistant to pesticides, able to… Keep Reading

Abortion: A Mother’s Decision

One of the principles our country was founded upon is a clear separation between church and state. So why are we still living in a country governed by religious ideals? In 2011, Texas, known for being a conservative state, slashed the budget for Planned Parenthood by 67%. Just last year, the Texas House approved new… Keep Reading

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