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Miscellaneous/Science & Technology

Artificial Intelligence: An Investment in the Future

On September 7th, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveiled its next large investment: artificial intelligence. DARPA plans to invest close to $2 billion dollars in a program known as “AI Next.” The promise? DARPA director Steven Walker wants to “transform computers from specialized tools to problem-solving partners.” DARPA, which leads research for the… Keep Reading

Standing Up for Colin Kaepernick

When Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem to raise awareness for the “[oppression of] black people and people of color” in 2016, his protest elicited instantaneous backlash. Dubbed spoiled, selfish, and anti-American, Kaepernick felt the ramifications of his protest immediately: he was shortly benched for the remainder of the season and has not returned… Keep Reading

Gun Control/Political Issues

The Events that Shape a Generation

Undeniably, aspects of life evolve with each generation that, in turn, forces our government to change as it adapts to the changing world. However, this change in the government typically takes time, as the affected generation must grow up and finish their educational career before they begin reshaping government policies. The Greatest Generation grew up… Keep Reading

Gender Issues/Political Issues

Where do you draw the Lifeline?

Men should take a backseat when it comes to the discussion of abortion. Allow me to explain. More often than not, men are not present in the room while women give birth or receive abortions, and this is just one example of how they fail to comprehend the magnitude of these procedures on a woman’s… Keep Reading

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