What Is A Presidential Election Without Drama?

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Drama around the 2020 Presidential Election has already begun almost a year in advance, but what more can be expected in this day and age. It seems that the true moderate is an extremely rare breed in today’s political climate. Extreme viewpoints are spread through social media and other press outlets, influencing average people’s opinions and views, making our country more divided than ever. The ability for Republicans and Democrats to compromise on today’s most outspoken issues and debated topics, like gun control, climate change, immigration issues, and taxes, is impossible in such a polar climate. This might be the reason that voter turnout in the United States is so low due to only the extreme viewpoints being placed on ballots.

With the announcement of Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy for 2020 presidential election, there is a chance that change could be created in our government, but only if he is elected. Bloomberg’s election in the real question because of his background. First, Bloomberg is a moderate candidate. He previously was the mayor of New York enlisted with the Republican Party, but he is now running as a conservative Democrat in the presidential election. Since Bloomberg is a moderate, he may not attract enough support and attention to gain the platform needed to be a serious competitor in the 2020 election. He could be overshadowed by other Democratic candidates with much more extreme opinions, but also he could reveal the unknown number of politically moderate people in American and gain massive amounts of support. Another question to be asked is if the Democrats are ready to elect a Wall Street billionaire. If they are, the competition between Trump for the Republicans and Bloomberg for the Democrats will surely unfold to be an interesting campaign period between two tycoons.

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