Abortion: More than one reason – Fetal Analomy

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Often when the word abortion is brought up, people generalize this issue to careless women/girls/teenagers who simply don’t want the responsibility of a child. However, this statement is only partly true. In reality, there  are many reasons for abortion such as economic instability, fetal abnormalities, rape, abusive relationships, danger to the mother (psychological or physical), and many more. 

Fetal anomaly, an issue that often leads to termination, is regularly overlooked by pro-life supporters. Opponents of abortion often combat fetal anomaly by responding with “disabled children can still lead a wonderful life.” And this is 100% true, but it’s not all about the child. This statement obscures that emotional hardships and anguish that a mother must go through when receiving a diagnosis of fetal anomaly in an otherwise wanted pregnancy. 

It’s no lie that disabled children are expensive, with regular doctor appointments, possible surgeries, and the special help/education they will need. Many mothers in this position choose to terminate due to their economic status, but there are other reasons than just money. If this mother already has children, there are even more lives to consider when making the choice to recieve an abortion. The effect of having a disabled child in the family can teach meaningful lessons such as responsibility, but it can also have negative repercussions. What if the non-disabled child requires more attention than can be provided by already busy and preoccupied parents? In the long run, children in these situations can ultimately be in a worse off place than before. 

Overall, the decision to terminate a pregnancy belongs to one person and one person only. The mother. As it is her body, she should have the right to do whatever she pleases/has to do. When the word abortion is mentioned, it is important to not immediately jump to the “careless woman” scenario, and instead recognize that you may have no idea what has happened or who is involved. 



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