A Divided America

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Politics shouldn’t just be something that divides everyone into either right or left. When talking about politics with others, people automatically take sides with a mindset that one can only be either democratic or republican. Nowadays, many people don’t even think about what’s truly right or wrong or what values they hold true to themselves when it comes to politics. No matter what party one considers themselves a part of, everyone should remain open-minded and much aware of others’ perspectives.

Even in our current government, polarization is dividing our leaders. This negatively impacts the decisions our government makes and blurs its efficiency, which directly affects our nation’s success. As polarization is growing, we are allowing hatred to grow as well. When people take sides on politics with extremes on both the democratic and republican sides, tensions and conflicts between the parties tend to intensify. We see this through many elections, especially the 2016 presidential election, midterm elections, and the mayor/city council elections just recently. All over the internet, on television, and even on the streets, we see candidates from both political parties using rude and insulting ways to gain people’s votes. On TV and also on youtube, it’s quite rare to see ads positively promoting a candidate to gain people’s votes. Instead, the vast majority of them are all insulting to other candidates or political parties with hatred to show why people shouldn’t vote for an individual candidate without giving good reasons why citizens should vote for the particular candidate. Even though people do have very diverse opinions regarding politics, those clashing opinions should not negatively divide us.

At the end of the day, what matters in politics is what we, as US citizens, genuinely believe is right or wrong and what will be the most beneficial to our country in the long term. Now, many citizens believe that either one political party is entirely right, and the other political party is altogether wrong. Instead of analyzing and learning the facts about specific issues, many people automatically jump to the conclusion that one political party is right, while the other is wrong. This is facilitated by politically biased media platforms that many citizens naturally gravitate towards for news that may not be 100% genuine. With this mindset, people don’t know the facts about an issue. For example, if a politician is campaigning, but she/he may be giving false information, polarization leads people to disregard any of the incorrect information. The audience tends to assume that all the info is accurate solely because the politician is part of the political party they believe is the “right one.” 

As time goes by, this division is growing. This is a significant problem because this will not make our nation better. That’s precisely why we need to be more tolerant and aware of others’ opinions, take hatred off the scale, and decrease polarization, which can move our nation in a better direction.

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