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Political Correctness: How it’s Being Weaponized to Stifle Free Speech

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“There is this idea that speech is violent, that by simply espousing a view you don’t like I’m attacking you, I’m oppressing you, I’m assaulting you. That view is fundamentally incompatible with a Western, liberal democratic society” (Berkeley College Republicans). The main enemy of western advancement and freedoms is the far left. Some believe freedom of speech doesn’t protect hate speech and that the person should be defenseless against governmental tyranny. The question I ask is, what is hate speech? I say hate speech doesn’t exist; its meaning changes from person to person. Hate speech laws are what could destroy this country.

I disagree completely with hateful rhetoric; however, as an American, it is my job to fight for people’s freedom to express themselves. Look at Canada and Europe for example—people can be jailed for having different opinions than the state, or “offending” someone. Theoretically, I could be punished for legally crossing the Canadian border if I did something that i) offended a minority, ii) criticized the government, or iii) criticized Islam. Now, I could be fined or jailed if I misgender somebody in Canada. Hate speech laws are nothing more than an excuse to censor the opinions of political adversaries. My personal criticisms of the government under Obama landed me a flurry of screams particularly claims that I am racist, which morphed into criticisms of my being bigoted, transphobic, sexist, homophobic and on and on. Even without hearing my opinions, just my statement that I was a proud citizen of the United States or Conservative causes people to form preconceived notions about what I believe.

Hate speech laws are nothing more than a cowardly excuse to throw political adversaries in jail. Political correctness was glorified by fascists in the German Reich to silence other voices than the states, and made mandatory in Red China when they first took power. This political correctness revolved around aligning one’s views with the state, making speech that was unorthodox illegal. This term has just recently resurfaced; “political correctness” is an iceberg that the US must avoid to preserve the torch of western democracy. While Europe is falling into the clutches of socialist revolutionaries and radical islamic terrorism, the US must strive protect its own citizens and its allies abroad. No country’s people enjoy such great freedoms as those of United States, and all its citizens should take pride in its greatness. The moment we lose the right to say what we think, the United States of America as we know it ceases to exist.

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