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Honoring McCain’s Legacy

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“I can’t trust Obama. I have read about him and he’s not, um, he’s an Arab. He’s not—”

John McCain, his often stoic face failing to conceal his disappointment, snatched the microphone from the woman wearing a McCain/Palin ‘08 shirt, cutting her off before she could finish her thought. “No ma’am. He’s a decent family man and citizen that just I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what the campaign’s all about,” McCain responded, much to the confusion of the woman who asked him the overtly racist question.

How America’s political landscape transformed from this type of respectful discourse to electing a President who famously claimed that Obama wasn’t born in United States remains one of modern history’s greatest mysteries. John McCain lived a life of service to America and its ideals. In his passing, America lost one of her most devout believers. His life was not in service to a political party or President; rather, he served a nation and its values.

Time and time again did McCain’s actions highlight his—and his country’s—greatest virtues. Enduring unimaginable torture as a prisoner of war, aviator John McCain repeatedly refused freedom from his prison unless his men could return alongside him. Campaigning against then Senator Barack Obama, Presidential Nominee John McCain refused to succumb to the cheap, petty insults and name-calling that plagues American politics today. Representing his Arizonan Constituents in the Senate, Senator (and deciding vote) John McCain, broke with his party and rejected a bill that would have stripped 391,000 Arizonans of their health insurance.

John McCain embodied the bipartisan approach to politics that SPEC strives to achieve. His actions repeatedly placed civil discourse and bipartisanship above polarization and partisanship. He worked tirelessly to help America reach her fullest potential. History will undoubtedly remember and honor his life of service to America—even if the President will not.  

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