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Band-Aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes, but Legislation Might

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In 2016, America suffered more than 38,000 gun-related deaths.  Facing similar issues (although not nearly as severe), other countries have introduced strict gun control policies in an attempt to limit these catastrophic events, but our second-amendment-clad government remains obstinately unchanged, despite 89% of voters’ being in support of some form of stricter gun control.  Our current policies are not only lenient, but grotesquely ill-enforced.  Investigators with the Government Accountability Office had a 100% success rate buying guns with simple fake IDs, meaning even the most dangerous citizens who are on the current denial list could easily obtain deadly weapons.  Furthermore, the argument that increased civilian gun ownership protects from gun violence is counterintuitive and completely contradictory to the evidence. Within two years of Australia’s 1996 gun control policies, gun violence deaths decreased 40% (1996-1998), and another 50% since then (1998-2012).

Gun Violence in Australia vs America

Japan, which has strict gun policies, only had 6 gun-related deaths in 2013, compared to 33,599 in America.*  This has also lessened need for lethal police force: only 6 total shots were fired by the entire Japanese police force in 2015, while America suffered 1093 police force killings the following year. The facts are simple: the USA, who leads the world in gun ownership with 101 guns for every 100 citizens (the next closest is Serbia at a much lower 58.1), also leads the world in gun related deaths every year.  We as a nation have suffered more casualties from local gun violence since 1996 than all warfare in our history.  This should not be a highly charged, partisan issue — it’s a matter of human decency.  This is a clear-cut, pressing opportunity to save the lives of tens of thousands of Americans with a simple governmental act.  To pass it up would be detestably irresponsible.

Americans Killed by Guns and Americans Killed by Warfare
*To purchase a shotgun or air rifle (handguns are outright prohibited), a citizen has to complete a written test and shooting range test with at least 95% accuracy.  This process has to be repeated every three years to renew their gun license.  Your background is also thoroughly vetted for mental health instability, extremist group relations, or a history of violence. 


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